Hessit Works Inc.

Hessit Works, Inc. began manufacturing concrete paving stones in 1988. It’s owners Friedrich Naether, Idella Naether and Brian Rice have concentrated product developement to offer concrete paving stone in 19 shapes and 31 color blends. Located in Freedom, Indiana the firm expanded in the year of 2000 with a new 25,000 square foot facility. With this expansion Hessit Works, Inc. added the space and equipment necessary to double its production capacity.

The specialized color blending is obtained by some pre-blending done at the concrete batch station, with the remaining blending done on the production machine. Each color blend is computerized to obtain color consistancy from batch to batch. Hessit Works, Inc offers 2,3,4,and 5 color blends to provide you with a large selection of paving stones. Our concrete pavers meet all ASTM standards and our non-stock items are usually produced within a 3 week lead-time.

Although located more than a hour from a major population center (Indianapolis,IN) Hessit Works enjoys distribution from Ohio to Missouri. Please refer to our “Contact Us” button for a distributor nearest you.

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