As a company, Forest Commodities is a progressive manufacturer specializing in quality mulches, aggregates, and playground surfacing for the landscape and recreation industry. As individuals, we’re local people who branched out of an earlier-established business to form this company in 1997. We have years of experience in producing, installing, and servicing the products we manufacture and distribute.

Superior products, outstanding service, timely delivery

– and we can back up our claims

Superior products

Forest Commodities is a skilled ecological manufacturer and supplier of forest products with an impressive number of working partnerships with our customers. For example, we’re the only mulch manufacturers in Indiana who produce mulch from bark, not other sources such as pallets or horse track sawdust. We get product direct from sawmill partnerships and manufacture mulch out of our 100-acre facility in Morgan County. And we meticulously grind and age our products to meet your specifications, using state-of-the-art grinding and screening methods.

Outstanding service

We also pride ourselves on our outstanding service. We can guarantee it because we maintain control over our entire operation. Unlike most manufacturers and dealers, we have direct control of a very large portion of the unprocessed materials that are used in our final products. That means we always have a consistent, uninterrupted supply flow, which also allow us to provide favorable pricing.

Timely delivery

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of timely delivery and always provide that. Because we own and operate our own fleet of trucks, we have control and can bring your shipment on your desired delivery date.

Our Team

Kelly Hall

Jeff Wooley

Shelly Hall

Darren McWilliams

Danny Mattox

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