Aggregate Stone

As a landscaping tool, aggregate stone can be the gravel, crushed rocks, or sand used to make other products. It can also be your decorative stone that you use in bulk for ground cover around plant beds, walking paths, or other places to enhance the beauty of your landscaping.

Functional aggregate stone

Forest Commodities carries fine and coarse aggregate stone, including a wide variety of limestone and sand products.

Our wide array of sizes help with any project – with predictable, uniform sizes and consistency in each category. We have the aggregates you need to make other materials, such as concrete for foundations and asphalt for roads. We also have aggregate stone in the size you need is also there when you need material to provide stability, proper drainage, resistance to erosion, and to prevent uneven settling.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping costs vary according to weight and affect the price of certain aggregates. Our delivery promise is the same across the board. We have our own trucks, so we have control over all aspects of your order, from product through delivery. Good service is very important to us – and we work hard to make sure you get the product you want when you need it.

Decorative aggregate stone

Forest Commodities also carries assorted styles and sizes of decorative stone used to enhance landscaping for plant beds, walkways, or accent areas.

We offer different sizes, colors, and textures of decorative aggregate stone which we sell by the cubic yard. Some are repurposed materials such as brick chips, and others are harvested from nature such as granite and river rock.

No matter whether your decorative landscaping project is large or small, we can provide what you need at a competitive price.

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