Decorative Stone

You want something stylish yet functional to provide an accent for your landscaping. You also like the idea of a low-maintenance ground cover. Decorative aggregate stone is sometimes called “stone mulch” and is a more permanent alternative to a woody mulch.

Decorative Aggregate Landscaping Stone

Forest Commodities offers an assortment of styles and sizes of landscaping stone that can be used in your garden or outdoor area.

Use decorative aggregates to:

  • Enhance a plant or flower bed
  • Create a charming walkway
  • Add a natural touch to your water features
  • Provide a protective barrier between your driveway and the lawn
  • Make a drainage border around your house or commercial building

Decorate aggregate stone is long-lasting, dust-resistant, and can be a low-maintenance alternative grass, an esthetic paving option, as well as good erosion control. These stones add beauty and can provide pleasing contrast.

The right decorative aggregate stone for your taste

We sell a wide array of sizes and colors that make it easy to personalize your landscaping, including:

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