Premium Topsoil

When your soil has been stripped of nutrients for any reason, it’s tough getting things to grow. Our premium topsoil is blended with a nutrient-rich compost, then screened dry to perfect consistency.

$54.00 cy

Premium Topsoil Description

If you’re producing a raised bed, a topsoil/compost blend will stay somewhat loose, even after rain. It won’t have that clay, common in Indiana soil, to stiffen it up.

On our 100-acre facility we have a field where we take old mulch that has composted over the years, spread it out, disc it in, then let it sit for several months. Then we harvest it, screen it, and blend it half and half with our special compost recipe. The result is a really enriched topsoil.

* What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard measures 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. A cubic yard of mulch will cover a 10 ft. x 10 ft. area, 3 in. deep. (3 in. is the recommended depth for spreading mulch.) So a good rule of thumb is to calculate the square footage of the area to be covered with mulch and divide by 100. For example, imagine you have a front porch with a flower bed on each side. Each side measures 15 ft. x 10 ft. (150 sq. ft.). The total area to be covered is 150 + 150 = 300 sq. ft. To calculate the number of yards of mulch required, divide that by 100. So you need 3 yards of mulch.


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