Mulch Blaster

You have mulch – a lot of it – but you don’t have the labor to get it spread in a timely, efficient manner. We can help. Our Mulch Blaster is an innovative way to distribute mulch and other products over a large area, saving you time and money.

Mulch Blaster solves labor problems

The Forest Commodities Mulch Blaster is a high-tech specialty truck designed to deliver great amounts of mulch, soil, aggregate stone/sand, or playground surfacing in a short amount of time.

For example: It would likely take a 5-person crew about an hour to spread 5 cubic years of mulch using wheelbarrows and shovels. Compare that to the Mulch Blaster, which can put out 20 to 60 cubic yards in that same amount of time.

Even if you have equipment like a bobcat, you’re still delivering product one bucket at a time, and smashing over what you’ve already put down. Our blower truck service efficiently and precisely places landscape materials over a large area, saving you time and money on these labor-intensive jobs.

Mulch Blaster provides precise placement

Our Mulch Blaster is ideal for delivering product to precise locations. Our powerful blower means we have access to areas that are hundreds of feet from the truck. We can spread ground cover easily and evenly – even in hard-to reach locations.

Use Mulch Blaster to deposit 20+ yards of mulch and other products in a variety of places, including:

  • Apartment community grounds
  • Commercial business landscaping
  • Green roofs
  • Homeowners association common areas
  • Large scale residential areas
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Roadside projects
  • School and playground areas

Save time and money on labor-intensive work of spreading mulch. Call us at (765) 349-3291 to schedule a delivery time.

Distributing more than wood mulch

Our Mulch Blaster is the fastest and easiest way to deliver mass quantities of ground covering, including:

  • Landscape mulch
  • P-gravel
  • Seed
  • TenderTurf®
  • Topsoil/compost
  • Turf topdressing

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