Bark Mulches

Want an organic ground cover that will look good and last a long time? Bark mulch is a good choice for covering the soil around trees, shrubbery, and garden beds. In addition to looking great, it will help preserve moisture in your soil. Bark mulch does not attract termites and it does help with weed control. And because it is pure bark without wood additives, it won’t rob your plants of nitrogen.

Made from bark and hard wood from trees, our bark mulches come in coarse or fine textures which we grind very precisely. There are specific textures and granularities that are suited to specific needs.

Coarse bark mulch

Do you have an area of your yard that doesn’t require regular tilling or turning? Coarser bark mulch generally has more chunks and less finely-shredded hardwood which decomposes more slowly and lasts longer.

This type of mulch works especially well for areas around walkways and foundations where you need thick layers of mulch. It protects the soil from getting stamped down where you walk on it. The coarser texture and larger pieces allow good air circulation. Moisture can get through, yet sunlight is blocked to discourage weeds.

Fine bark mulch

Putting mulch around a flower bed is another matter, and you don’t necessarily want big pieces that are hard to move around if you’re trying to put in new plants.

Bark mulch that is more finely ground is attractive, provides exceptional uniformity, and isn’t likely to get washed away by a rain storm. It also decomposes more quickly that chunky mulch and you may want to consider adding a nitrogen fertilizer to the soil before putting down a hardwood bark mulch.

Proper mulch aging

Like a fine wine, aging is important to creating a superior mulch product. We age all of our bark mulches at least 9 months to a year. We pay careful attention to the aging process, giving it long enough to achieve the proper color, but not so long it will begin to break down. With Forest Commodities, you get your mulch product in prime condition.

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