Premium Compost

Compost is heavily fertilized soil. It’s a great way to enrich soil in vegetable or flower gardens to get your best produce.

$47.25 cy

Premium Compost Description

There’s a science to creating a good product, and we’ve tweaked our own ‘recipe’ over time to come up with an exceptional compost. We take a mix of green trimmings, leaves, wood byproducts and manure and allow it to heat to 160 degrees to kill any weed seeds. We then turn it numerous times to aerate it, cooling it down.

The result? An organic humus compost that gets results!

* What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard measures 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. A cubic yard of mulch will cover a 10 ft. x 10 ft. area, 3 in. deep. (3 in. is the recommended depth for spreading mulch.) So a good rule of thumb is to calculate the square footage of the area to be covered with mulch and divide by 100. For example, imagine you have a front porch with a flower bed on each side. Each side measures 15 ft. x 10 ft. (150 sq. ft.). The total area to be covered is 150 + 150 = 300 sq. ft. To calculate the number of yards of mulch required, divide that by 100. So you need 3 yards of mulch.


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