On a playground, countless children come down slides, swing across monkey bars, jump down from steps, run around the equipment, and chase each. That’s exactly what they’re supposed to do! With that in mind, you want to make sure these active youngsters have a safe place to land.

$39.00 / cy*

TenderTurf® Description

TenderTurf® playground cover

Our TenderTurf® provides a safe, clean, and durable playground cover for play areas at schools, daycares, and park areas. Engineered with children in mind, TenderTurf® provides an all-natural cushion when little hands, feet, and backsides make an impact. It’s specially designed to reduce the likelihood of injuries caused by falls.

TenderTurf® is the definitive product in playground surfacing around the country – and we manufacture it right here in central Indiana. Made from fresh, all-natural woodchips, it’s ground to precise measurements. The consistency of fiber and wood fines create a product that absorbs maximum energy.

Safety features you can trust

TenderTurf® is a non-toxic, chemical-free, all natural playground cover, tested and certified by an independent lab to meet safety guidelines. It is both ASTM approved and ADA compliant. It doesn’t splinter and is wheelchair accessible.7

TenderTurf® for paths, trails, pets

In addition to covering the ground under and around playground equipment, it’s also a great option for jogging paths and walking trails. It addition to human feet, it’s also easy on pet paws and provides a good ground cover for the ‘pet section’ of your yard.

Added benefits

Our manufacturing process not only provides a consistency that has the greatest impact resistance, but also a texture that enhances the esthetic value of any play area, jogging path, or walking trail.

In addition to its safety and esthetic benefits, TenderTurf® offers:

  • Economical pricing
  • Simple maintenance
  • Water permeability
  • Durability

With proper maintenance, your TenderTurf® should look great and last for years.

TenderTurf® Testimonial

I have been working with Kelly Hall of Forest Commodities for several years. I am an installation Coordinator. This means delivery, timing and price are all important factors in my line of work.

My job includes working with many varied vendors. I will gladly state that Kelly Hall and Forrest Commodities have never let me down! From the quick responses to the final delivery I never have to worry regarding the safety surfacing arriving in a timely and professional manner.

Kelly goes the extra mile every time. The customer service I receive from him is exemplary. I look forward to working with him worry free until the day I retire!

-Dassi Papageorge, NVB Playgrounds, Inc.

* What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard measures 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. A cubic yard of mulch will cover a 10 ft. x 10 ft. area, 3 in. deep. (3 in. is the recommended depth for spreading mulch.) So a good rule of thumb is to calculate the square footage of the area to be covered with mulch and divide by 100. For example, imagine you have a front porch with a flower bed on each side. Each side measures 15 ft. x 10 ft. (150 sq. ft.). The total area to be covered is 150 + 150 = 300 sq. ft. To calculate the number of yards of mulch required, divide that by 100. So you need 3 yards of mulch.


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