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TenderTurf® FAQ

How long has Forrest Commodities been manufacturing TenderTurf®?

Since 1997 we have been manufacturing TenderTurf at Martinsville Indiana location. We have delivered to schools, churches, daycares, parks, and municipalities throughout the entire Midwest.

What is TenderTurf®?

TenderTurf is an ecofriendly energy absorbing Safety Surfacing used under and around playground equipment to help reduce serious injuries.

Does TenderTurf® meet safety and accessibility standards?

TenderTurf® has been tested and certified by an independent lab to meet ASTM-F1292-4 guidelines for impact testing, as well as ASTM-F10951-99 guidelines for wheelchair accessibility.

What depth should TenderTurf® be installed?

TenderTurf® should be installed at a depth of 12 inches. TenderTurf® meets all impact testing at a height of 12 foot with a depth of 12 inches.

Will I need to reapply TenderTurf® at any time?

Yes, over time your playground will have approximately 25-30% compaction, we recommend to top off the playground at that time to accommodate for the compaction. Many customers will do a yearly top off of the playground at the beginning of the season even if they have not experienced full compaction yet due to the cosmetic look a fresh layer of TenderTurf can bring to your playground!

What are the benefits of using TenderTurf®?
  • Accessibility for the physically challenged
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Permeable
  • All natural, chemical free
  • Economical
Where can TenderTurf® be delivered?

We deliver TenderTurf throughout the entire Midwest.

How much TenderTurf® can I order?

We accommodate orders from 25 cubic yards up to 1000 cubic yard orders and larger. We do offer bulk pricing discounts for larger orders.

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